October 7, 2016


Photographed this big boy amongst miles of livestock farming. He didn't trust me and I wish he would- he knew exactly what he was there for. He was tagged, branded, has seen many of his kind dragged off to their death and was hanging out at the perimeter of his prison. (Cows are brilliant sentient beings and understand way more than we think)... outraged about the fact that we still see animals as resources or less than us, that we continue to turn a blind eye to the horror taking place right under our nose. That people are still paying for meat, milk, cheese and eggs/ leather etc. and not thinking twice about where it comes from or finding ways to justify it & argue against animals rights. It definitely gets depressing to be part of the small percentage (screaming out) for the voiceless. It's awkward and isolating socially to speak up as so many of my friends and family who I love, still contribute to the system and probably think Im nuts and lame. I sometimes get overwhelmed by my own guilt that my selfish fears of getting arrested are in the way of me busting into slaughter houses, opening up cages and protesting on the streets with activists. (Bail me out when I do though). I look at and love all other animals the way I look at and love my dog. How could I not? What's the difference between them? At times I feel doomed that I'll never see a major shift, and other times I get excited and hopeful hearing more and more people are choosing compassion, peace, and waking up to the major genocide and speciesism that's been imbedded in our culture. One documentary at a time, one person at a time, one meal a time, the change is totally gonna come that our fellow earthlings will be free and I really hope to witness it, & proud to be part of the movement. Much love and understanding to all my other vegan friends and those on their way. Always speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. #animalrights #wakeup #getloudaboutwhatyoubelieve

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