The Amethyst Heart Body Wrap is perfect for those who love the layered look, but don't have the time to layer! With one easy necklace clip and a gentle tie around the waist, you will be fully dressed in the treasures!. Its made of dark- golden brown vegan pleather, bohemian beads an Amethyst crystal stone, and love. 




On my own journey of empowerment and self love, I found myself frustrated and disappointed while on the search for Body Jewelry that is personalized, not-so-mainstreem, and fits me the way I want it to. Which is why I began following my fantasies in cultivating my own line of distinguishable, handmade "jewelry". This uniquely crafted line, "Bare and The Brave" features boundless and beautiful body chains and jewelry. Each piece is uniquely hand crafted with love and made to armor, empower and protect women of all shapes and sizes. Unlike typical body chains and jewelry, Bare and The Brave is designed to be flexible, non-restricting, adjustable not only around the neck line but also along the waist to adjust and embrace YOUR unique body and curves. This treasure will dance WITH you. It's the perfect way to dress up any outfit, a swimsuit, or even your BARE body! I imagine women tapping into their inner-goddess and dancing at the next festival wrapped in the love of her body chain! It is even the perfect head turning accent to an adorable outfit at dinner :)  Each chain includes an adjustable choker piece, a centered chest stone or crystal, and a layer or two of "body chain" which hangs peacefully and comfortably around the waist. All layers meet together and clip with a simple and easy CLASP behind the neck! Easy to tie and untie, you chose how lose or snug you want your chain around the waist. My purpose is to assist you in embracing your UNIQUE body, so if there is something you want to change or swap out, feel free to let me know and I will personalize your chain or jewelry just for you. The Bare and Brave features chokers, unique necklaces, hand chains, bracelets, earrings and more. This particular item material is an Amethyst Polished stone, Brown Leather Cord, and Silver/Antique tinted beads engraved through out the piece. Your body is a work of art, and will be honored and embraced as such with this body chain. The piece is durable, flexible and will NOT break when you lean over like many other body chains I've bought. I went swimming in the ocean with a piece i made and it is STILL in perfect condition. Although it is tough and strong like you, it is still meant to be treated with respect and awareness!  SO, my fellow girl-friends, LIVE LIFE VIBRANTLY and DANCE armored and gemmed with the Bare and The Brave!   

Amethyst Heart Body Wrap

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